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Have a massive vision? 1 million ideas? And a heart full of dreams?

Yeah, me too.

However, the problem I encountered years ago when I was trying to pursue my purpose was, I was so afraid of picking the wrong door, that I didn't pick ANY door! What do I do first? How do I get started? How do I get access to the people and resources that I need? How do I build momentum? How do I market myself? How do I charge my worth? I have a business and/or product, now what?! How do I make my business GROW? And how in the heck can I pursue my dreams WHILE being a wife, mother, and all of the millions of roles we play?!!! I had more questions than answers; and no one I could really map out my plan with, let alone a community of women to share my journey, to hold me accountable, and to celebrate each others victories...

Well, let me help you get real clear on what's sticking to you NOW!

In our 5 weeks together, we will find your "Sticky," clarify your goals, cultivate your plan, connect you with wonderful like minded women, FUEL you for the journey and IGNITE YOU FOR 2020!





FORBES magazine states it is crucial at EVERY stage in your career and life to have a mentor both personally and professionally...

Wife. Mother. Sister. Friend.


Illuminator. Teacher. Coach. Mentor.


Business Owner. Strategist. Author. Speaker.



No matter what phase of life I was in, or what “role” I was playing… The moments I experienced the most trials, mistakes and self-sabotage, was during the times when I didn’t have a mentor, accountability partner or anyone in place to give me guidance during those critical times of growth and expansion.



  1. Weekly Group PUSH Sessions with Latia Vaughan
  2. Special Guest LIVE Virtual Masterclass
  3. Access to the TOOLBOX (resources & proven strategies used)
  4. Secret Facebook Group Community
  5. PUSH Accountability Partner
  6. Weekly Goal Setting and Success Trackers
  7. Access to the "PUSH" Hot-line!
  8. End of Program Private Dinner Celebration (Chicago IL)



  • Decoding your Purpose (Find what's sticking to you NOW, & expand your genius!)
  • Coming into Alignment with SUCCESS (Avoiding Pitfalls and Self-Sabotage)
  • The Balancing ACT "Life, Love, and Responsibilities"
  • Building Your Business & Brand on a BUDGET
  • Building 4-6 Streams of Income
  • Establishing your Launch Calendar and Success Plan
  • Creating and Sustaining GROWTH

THIS mentorship program IS for you if, lately you've had more questions then answers, If you have a massive vision and just need to know where to start or how to make what you've already created GROW! THIS program is for those who want to build with a beautiful and powerful community of like-minded women. THIS program is for those who have been looking for access, guidance and accountability, so they can finish 2019 STRONG and start 2020 in FULL SWING! THIS program is only for those who are serious about taking their personal and professional life to the next level.

THIS program is for women who want REAL results...

THIS is bigger than business...





Your Instructor

Latia S. Vaughan
Latia S. Vaughan

“Latia Vaughan is the DIFFERENCE MAKER! She is a rising star in the ‘Business of PEOPLE’ and on trend to becoming one of the most sought after voices of our time.” ~ Reiko Clark, Salt Music Media

Business Woman. Thought Leader. Strategist. Speaker. International Best Selling Author…

Although she holds many titles and has accomplished much in her lifetime, at the core Latia Vaughan, “The Dream Pusher” is simply a Fire Starter! Across the nation, she uses her 12 + years of experience in marketing, training, branding, coaching, project planning, and management development to launch businesses and individuals to their next level!

However, in 2012 Latia reached a major turning point in her life when she was faced with one life altering transition and two choices… Settle or Evolve! From that experience she documented her own journey to rediscovery and birthed “REdiscoverU” a 21-Day on-line journey, impacting over 45,000 lives internationally.

CEO's, Religious Leaders, Homemakers, Creatives and every day people all over the world have collided at the same intersection of self-discovery because of the REDISCOVERU Journey.

Today, Latia Vaughan is the CEO of The UNetwork, and Founder of The PUSH Society and REdiscoverU Movement…

No matter the stage or the setting, she has the undeniable ability to ignite your passion, put fuel to your purpose, and foster your spiritual, personal or professional growth.

One encounter with “The Dream Pusher” will leave you ready to take on the world… With the tools to actually DO IT!

For full bio and more info: Visit latiavaughan.com and rediscoverunow.com today!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the mentorship program start?
This mentorship program starts September 23rd- October 28th, 2019.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Once I enroll, what's next?
Once you have processed your payment and you are enrolled into the program, you will receive your official "Welcome" email to celebrate this great and life changing decision! Within your welcome package you will receive your next steps, as well as your "Getting to know YOU" questionnaire! We will gather key pieces of information about your goals and what you are looking to gain specifically from the program. From there we will discuss your vision, your intentions, your areas of resistance and create your first step-goal... And once we lift for TAKE-OFF on September 23rd, the program will get into full swing! Once again, this is an exclusive opportunity, so space is limited.

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